The Problem in Brand

Most agencies with design or creative departments offer identity design, labeling it “branding”. If you’re lucky, you’ll have found a “strategist” that will develop your positioning documents. Running you through exercises of metaphor – what brand of car your business most resembles, or if your brand were a person what would they wear and buy – then up-selling the potential of being the “[Insert Tech Unicorn] of [Your Market Here]”. Something is off about telling someone that they will be the Uber of Juices. More likely than not, these exercises will lead to false assumptions or surface level insights that, at best, are in-line with preexisting strategies and an already motivated workforce. At worst, bad branding will be fundamentally out of step with the solutions your customers seek, failing to be adopted by your people and your customers resulting in backlash and loss of market share. (See: New Coke, or Tropicana)

You should be building your brand with the intention of guiding your culture to best augment the operations of all functions of your business, addressing the solutions your customers actually need from your products or services. From packaging to sales, customer service to the legal department’s decisions on how best to mitigate or support risk-taking, all functional departments of your business are a reflection of your business. Each of which has real effects on how effective you operate within your industry.

The Amprsnd Process

At Amprsnd, we bridge the gap between businesses and their brands. Our process is simple in its concept: First, we will better identify what solution you offer your customers. Second, we build guided pathways to allow them to experience the solution. Third, We help you integrate it internally and externally.

We work on multiple scales: Macro: Working with businesses to restructure and implement their overall brand positioning and identity. Micro, working with businesses to brand subdivisions, products, or individual service offerings. Touch-Points, working with internal teams to evaluate, build, and execute brand initiatives from advertising campaigns to sales evaluations. However large or small, project-based, retainer, or as a surrogate brand director, we focus on helping our clients build successful businesses through brand.

Understanding Brand

Currently, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of ‘brand’. From its definition, the parceling of the concept, to a wholesale discounting of the value it provides to a business. First, brands need to be thought of holistically, the manifestation of your businesses value at all customer and employee touch-points, large and small. Brands need to be thought of as a compliment to the operations of a business. While organizations focus on running efficiently and delivering great products, if done properly, your brand will augment the decisions and efforts of all functions of your business getting there. By embracing your brand holistically, in all categories of business, marketing to legal, organizations have the opportunity to create aligning framework to operate by. A great brand connects-the-dots between ideals and actions, building the solutions you offer a framework to which people experience your products or services.