On Creative Direction

The primary role of creative direction is to connect the dots, transforming abstract concepts into tangible ideas. From ideation to execution, strategy to measurement, creative direction should provide clarity and leadership. Helping obtain the core purpose and ensure delivery of that message, it comes down to three fundamental aspects: Purpose, People, and Execution.

  • Purpose: Establishing the core purpose of a project, reducing concepts to their most essential and driving initiatives through this understanding.
  • People: Allocating resources and investing in teams of intelligent, talented, and committed people.
  • Execution: Ensuring the project vision is seen through to all deliverables of a project.

Our philosophy is that form follows function. Great commercial-creative direction values the effectiveness of the work as much as the aesthetic execution. We work towards this through the application of our brand development processes to our creative projects.

Our Process

Our process starts with a collaborative discovery period with our partners to develop fluency in the core function of the brand, the initiative, and the customer we are targeting. After obtaining this concrete understanding we begin the mapping phase, constructing a series of insight filters and pathways to act as the foundation for our creative direction and resource allocation.

Only after the foundation is built do we begin the execution phase. Starting broad then working our way, in phases, toward the final deliverables. Throughout the process, we work directly with our partners to ensure alignment with the overall vision. This process allows us to perform the duties of a full-service agency, a surrogate creative director, and lead project-based initiatives. The end result being successful implementations of your brand.