The Value of Workshops:

We are asked consistently if there is a way for organizations to align, manage and invest their resources around brand without undertaking a holistic rebuild. From the smallest start-ups to the largest conglomerates, we encounter the question of how to help teams better understand and refocus their teams while remaining nimble within a parent-company or the market at large.

We have developed our workshops and designed them specifically to address this. Helping leadership teams gain essential insights into the values, perspectives, and signals surrounding their brand.

Workshop Options:

Our workshops have been built to accommodate leadership teams from all sizes of organizations. Prior to every workshop, we designate a focal point and design a program that will be most beneficial. These vary in scope from half-day ‘jumpstarts’ all the way to multi-day ‘team-building’ off-sites that we will produce.

*Schedule your workshop or request more information by sending us a note and a member of the Amprsnd team will be in contact shortly.