Idea in Brief


The Problem

Organizations lose millions each year due to the failure of their internal brand. This is the most prevalent with ’employer’ and internal programs.

This is most prevalent with employer brands that have an inability to attract or keep talent. In regard to internal brands the failure of adoption of new initiatives. Both lead to the decline of company culture and operational effectiveness. In the extreme, these can lead to workplace toxicity and the costs related to cleaning it up. From crisis management, lawsuits, reorganization, to revenue losses this can cripple your organization. 


The Solution

Building a strong employer/internal brand aligns your employees and your organization’s vision. Creating a healthy culture, strong reputation, and increased operational efficiency. This is the foundation of DNI programs, innovation, and increasing employee lifetime value (ELV).


How It Works

Forget ping-pong tables and kombucha-on-tap. To build a great employer brand you have to start by understanding your people; the same way you would with your customers. 

  1. Gain insight into your current culture, vision for the future, and the critical drivers of your people.
  2. Build supporting strategies and programs to bolster your culture of the long-term.
  3. Implement these programs and evolve them as your company grows!


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Employer Brand and Internal Brand programs are primarily driven by the internal functions driving operational excellence.

  • HR & Member Services
  • DNI Leaders
  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting
  • Operations
  • Senior Leadership


Graphic of

Phases of Work

This process is designed to be implemented holistically. With each step customized to address where your brand exists within its life-cycle. From the first ideation to evolving what your organization currently has in place.

  • Insight & Analysis
  • Strategy & Program Development
  • Implementation & Promotion

Primary Measures

We employ standard and customer measures for success. Each is designed to represent best the individual organizations and the unique aspects of their project.

  • ELV (Employee Lifetime Value)*
    This is our proprietary methodology.
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Conversion Metrics



The benefits of these programs will be felt across the company. Benefiting operations, perception, and revenue.

  • Healthier culture
  • Better company reputation
  • Maximize program adoption 
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • DNI implementation
  • Increase ELV (Employee Lifetime Value)



Investing In Your Employer Brand

Ignoring employer brands can be extremely costly. By investing early in brand and culture, organizations increase their likelihood of attracting and keeping top talent. By building a strong culture, organizations maximize adoption rates and minimize the costs of internal initiatives.

Creating ‘Pull’

A shift to a proactive engagement strategy creates a pull. This dynamic builds a self-perpetuating culture that generates value through earlier identification of issues, decreased costs of escalation, and positive cultural reinforcement.


Employee Lifetime Value

Employee lifetime value (ELV) is a key measure in developing your employer brand. ELV is a measurement of how valuable your employees are to your company, not just on a salary basis but across their whole experience and tenure with your organization.

Why Measure ELV?

Employee lifetime value is the total worth to a business of an employee over the whole period of their tenure. It’s an important metric as it costs less to keep an employee than it does to acquire new talent.

Your Organization’s ‘Productivity Metric’

Productivity metrics vary by the needs of the organization and the function of the employee. These can be based on historical or predictive metrics depending on the need of the business.

  • Revenue Generated
  • Cost of Services Without Employee
  • Net of Billed Services (Cost to Client – Cost to Employ)
  • Net Productivity (Cost to Develop + Employ – Rev. Generated)


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