Understanding your customer, market, and the capabilities of your organization is paramount to building a successful brand. Our best-in-class methods combine traditional and proprietary insights that unlock how your organization builds, implements, and sustains a world-class brand and culture. We create the foundation of your brand, ensuring that your investments in production and implementation are built on a solid foundation. 

The more you learn the more power you have to understand.


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Customer Segmentation

At the core of any great business is a thorough understanding of who their customers are and why their customers choose to interact with their brand. For rapidly scaling or aging businesses it isn’t always so clear. Our process delivers true understanding of the motivating factors and behaviors of your customers. We help you understand when and how your customers interact with your organization. Creating customer sets that will focus your marketing efforts and improve the quality of your service.


Touch-Point Mapping

Your customers’ perception of your organization is created at every level of their interaction with your brand. Today, brands must align touch-points across all mediums to reinforce their strategies. From first discovery to re-engaging after purchase, there are countless touchpoints that can make or break your acquisition and retention of a customer. Amprsnd maps these touch-points and the correlating signals, perspectives, and values associated with each. This is ideal for organizations that need to create customer engagement strategies, design physical and digital user-interactions, or identify and map areas for improvement.

Market & Competitive Analysis

A comprehensive study of your market and competitive analysis creates a true understanding of how you can create a competitive advantage.   

The most common mistake we see organizations make is assuming their competitors all sell the same product and that demand is driven by the functional attributes of their products. However, this is not the case.

Understanding your competition and market allows organizations the opportunity to position themselves to make optimal decisions in how and where you invest your resources. Having a strategy is how you design and implement successful growth in business.


On-Premise Experts

Placement of on-premise teams provides both teams with the level of frequency and hands-on detail needed to understand how your organization works.  

Through this placement, we provide you with teams of experts able to gather invaluable insight into your organization, unparalleled access to experts and the ability to give perspective and guidance more rapidly than traditional firms provide.