We elevated PBR’s social content program with custom animated graphics – Can-Imations – to capture the brand and their primary municipal target markets. Focusing on engaging audiences on a through PBR’s social feeds, the brand needed to have a quick-form narrative that was of brand and remarkable enough to be shared.

Amprsnd – Project Pabst – Portland Animation from Amprsnd on Vimeo.

Brand social feeds have a tendency to become very rigid and reliant on purely photographic content, even with those that are seemingly non programmed. To break through the clutter of the PBR social feeds we designed and built a series of computer generated animations that encompassed the culture of the brand and the cities we were targeting with the promotion.

While this type of content is more time intensive and expensive to reproduce in comparison to photographic content, it is better adaptable to more social platforms like snapchat and IG stories. Our Can-imations resulted in increased engagement across the platforms they were disseminated through and, ultimately, raised the bar for the brands custom content.

Amprsnd – Project Pabst – ATL Animation from Amprsnd on Vimeo.