The FMJ marketing team approached us to help them elevate their content to update their antiquated content and marketing practices. To help them in their efforts we established one clear goal: make the pictures eye-catching! 

Customers are inundated with so much content these days that brands have to make an effort to stand out, one way or another.

When your primary vehicle for advertising is a direct mail catalog that is pulled out amongst all of the junk-mail you usually get your imagery plays a vital role in getting the customers attention.

For a softer brand like FMJ, they needed to skew younger and pop while staying comfortably within their own role (Soft in that they do not represent the hard edges of brand experience, instead of occupying the large centrist and approachable area). We created a much more graphic and youthful look that would stand out on their pages and in people’s mailboxes and in their social feeds and stores.


There is a constant push these days to reinvent content disregarding the circumstances of the businesses customers. Wanting to do something daring and on-trend is great, sometimes. But, sometimes, people can forget the place of the business within the landscape of the marketplace.

In the end, the imagery popped and the pushes became bigger!