As Hawaiian Host’s AOR overseeing all content creation, our team developed a system and standards to ensure consistency in content production, quality, and efficiency of work to best address rapid timelines and create budget efficiencies.

Three examples of our production designs, showing off the variation and consistency of the brands production design system, based on geography, flavor, and platform.

Given that the needs of production design require product execution across various mediums, including digital, social, print, and collateral, we decided to rethink the creation of not just the asset libraries but how we created those assets.

Our team engineered standardized lighting and post-processing tools for application across our brand’s aesthetic standards. These tools created a level of adaptability in our assets, photographic and graphic, while creating efficiency. This adaptive system ensures that as new assets, flavors, or campaign specific promotions are added we are able to update assets seamlessly.


Using this methodology, the sterility of design systems is avoided with assets easily replaceable or moveable, offering the assurance that no two ads will be identical. Additionally, updating assets from the bottom up is done relatively painlessly.

The result is a highly efficient system that maintains brand quality while lending itself to the constantly evolving needs of production design.