We asked a room of top marketing professionals at our American Marketing Association event a simple question: “Define the term brand?” The responses varied from the logo and typography utilized by a company to the very employees a company hires, and while these answers are all accurate, in a glaring sense, they lack continuity.

To most businesses, brand is regarded as an intangible yet invaluable asset to their organization. We all understand the importance of having a strong brand but that reality is increasingly coming at into conflict with the fact that we don’t have a strong definition for the concept of ‘brand’.

At Amprsnd our mission is to demystify the concept of brand. To that effect the topic of our presentation was to answer the very question we asked, to define the term ‘brand’ with clarity.

To us, brand is the interaction between your customers values and perspective, and the signals your company broadcasts about the products and services you provide. These two forces working in tandem become the perception of your business.

There are countless touch points to any business – an instance where someone might perceive your brand – and at each of those touchpoints your customers values are either relating or coming into conflict with your company’s signals. When brand is addressed holistically, not just through your marketing department, but HR, sales, ops, and finance, your customer experience can be optimized and optimal customer experience will always lead to more customers!