“Brand” is a wholly misunderstood concept.

  1. Most companies, including creative firms, confuse this with identity design.
  2. They are primarily reverse engineered by “creatives” who are adapting predetermined concepts instead of practicing good science and learning the problems before proposing a solution.


More than intuition, a brand needs proof.

  1. Research first, design second.
  2. Plan, Build, Execute, Evolve. In that order.


A “Brand” is a living organism.

  1. It needs to be both nurtured and trained. And, occasionally, they need to be left to die.
  2. Developing a brand is a constant fight between rigidity and flexibility of standards.


A brand is not a band-aid.

  1. The best strategy for a brand = honesty.
  2. Brands do not fix the bad habits and mediocre products.
  3. Brands do not work as topical applications. They need the total buy-in of leadership and need to be based on institutional understanding.

A brand is best thought of as preventative healthcare for organizations.

  1. It won’t fix all of your problems. It won’t run your company for you. However, by following its good practices you will ensure much better chances of success.
  2. Some organizations don’t need it. Some can rely almost entirely on them. But, the general rule is that it is only part of larger set of habits.