A social campaign that employed experience design to both engage consumers and capture the content used for this top trending marketing initiative.

In general, brands with field marketing models have an increasing need to adapt national campaigns with localized messaging to better target smaller demographic segments. We can attribute this in part to the increased consumption of media and the ability to customize and otherwise dismiss branded content and advertising. For Pabst Blue Ribbon we needed to build an adaptable campaign that would connect with markets from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR, raising awareness for the brand and driving attention to their ‘Project Pabst’ initiative.

While the brand could have produced standard content to then disseminate across all channels for simultaneous distribution and consistency, the localization effort promoted a multitude of new imperatives necessary for a successful campaign. Most notably, it encouraged field marketing reps to pound-the-pavement to promote the event while emphasizing the need for the personalization of content for each market to trigger relatability – a key factor in the viral adoption of a campaign.

Working directly with PBR’s regional field marketing director and their local Portland FM rep, we developed a theme with content execution standards that was easily proliferated in smaller markets. In the end the campaign trended #1 on IG, the initiative in its multiple iterations has been adopted by the brand as an ongoing initiative, the unicorn head went viral beyond the brand, and the Project Pabst initiative successfully expanded into four markets, Portland, Denver, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, with headliners from Tom Petty to Ice Cube.